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Course notes for MEEN 651 - Fall 2004 (Section 600)
Instructors: A. G. Parlos

An overall description of the course requirements and expectations is provided in the document Course Outline. Some of the lecture material posted on this web site are the same as the lecture material covered in the MEEN 364 course in dynamic systems and controls. The intent is to expedite the subject matter for those with no extensive undergraduate control background. However, the breadth and depth of the material covered in MEEN 651 is significantly different and the pace is much faster.

Documents Key: A useful key to the various documents provided on this web page follows.

  1. Documents designated as "Handout M.X " represent material on mathematical background I feel you need to understand the subject matter in this course.
  2. Documents designated as "Handout E.X " represent examples that follow lecture notes.
  3. Documents designated as "Handout A.X " represent additional notes I will be making available to you beyond the lecture notes.


Material Related to Lectures:

Lecture Notes

Lectures Outline

Lecture #1 - Lecture Notes 1A, Lecture Notes 1B and Handout E.1, Handout E.2 and Handout A.1

Lecture #2 - Lecture Notes 2A, Lecture Notes 2B, and Handout E.3, Handout E.4 and Handout A.2

Lecture #3 - Lecture Notes 3A, Lecture Notes 3B, and Handout E.5, Handout E.6

Lecture #4 - Lecture Notes 4A, Lecture Notes 4B, and Handout E.7, Handout E.8 and Handout A.3

Lecture #5 - Lecture Notes 5A, Lecture Notes 5B, and Handout E.9 and Handout A.4

Lecture #6 - Lecture Notes 6, and Handout E.12 and Handout A.5

Lecture #7 - Lecture Notes 7, and Handout E.13

Lecture #8 - Lecture Notes 8, and Handout E.15

Lecture #9 - Lecture Notes 9, and Handout E17

Lecture #10 - Lecture Notes 10A, Lecture Notes 10B, Lecture Notes 10C, and Handout E19, Handout E22, and Handout A6

Lecture #11 - Lecture Notes 11, Handout E26

Lecture #12 - Lecture Notes 12, Handout E28

Lectures #13 and 14 - Lecture Notes 13 & 14 , Handout E24

Lecture #15 - Lecture Notes 15

Lecture #16 - Lecture Notes 16

Lecture #17-18 Classical Control Supplemental Notes

Lectures #19-26 State Space Lecture Notes, More State Space Notes

Lectures #27-28 Digital Control Lecture Notes


Homework #1 Due September 10, 2004 Solutions

Homework #2 Due September 17, 2004 Solutions

Homework #3 Due September 24, 2004 Solutions

Homework #4 Due October 1, 2004 Solutions

Homework #5 Due October 8, 2004 Solutions

Homework #6 Due October 15, 2004 Solutions

Homework #7 Due October 22, 2004 Solutions

Homework #8 Due October 29, 2004 Solutions

Homework #9 Due November 5, 2004 Solutions

Homework #10 Due November 12, 2004 Solutions

Homework #11 Due November 19, 2004 Solutions

Homework #12 Due December 3, 2004 Solutions

Handouts on Math Background

Complex Sinusoids

Important Trig Identities

Handout M.1: Complex Numbers

Handout M.2: Differentiation and Integration

Handout M.3: Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

Handout M.4: Solutions of Ordinary Differential Equations


Mid-term Exam - Date: Wednesday, October 15, 2003; Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM; Room: ENPH TBD - Solutions

Final Exam - Date: Friday, December 12, 2003; Time: 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM; Room: ENPH 206

Some Papers Related Important Control Design Issues PLEASE READ

Paper #1 On the relation and transformations between classical and state space-based controllers

Paper #2 A paper on performance limitations of control systems

Paper #3 A seminal paper on implications of unstable control systems and limitations of feedback control

Paper #4 A review paper on networked control systems

Handouts Related to MATLAB/Simulink:

MATLAB Tutorial

Simulink Tutorial and another introductory handout

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